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My Musical Journey:

I knew that music and especially guitar was going to be a very big  part of who I would grow to be.  I started playing guitar at the age of 9 and started to learn the rest of the instruments  over the next number of years.  

When I was 18 years old many things happened to change the course of my life.  I was living with an aunt and I began to read the bible.  This would have a big impact on my life.   My involvement in Christian music came about in that same time period after a very big miracle in my life.  I walked away from a very serious motorcycle accident hitting the pavement at around 85 miles an hour.  I was praying to Jesus before I hit the ground and walked away with no broken bones or internal injuries.  It was at this time I made a promise to God. I promised my music would forever be for Him.

The conception of Little Pacific Studios began many years ago (around 1995) with a good friend who has since passed, Dan.   We wanted a musical ministry that would help others in some small way.   I am now 50 years old and don’t want to pass without completing on this promise to God and to honor my dear friend Dan.  

I am currently involved in a local bible believing church, have been married to the same person faithfully for almost 13 years, and we are running our own small business peacefully.   I remember thinking once how dysfunctional the Israelites must have been to wander out in the desert for over 40 years through disobedience before God would get them into the promised land.   Now after experiencing my own 32-year journey of not being in the right place spiritually to affect others, I can totally understand and relate.  Now we (My wife and myself) are really moving into the Lord’s work after rededicating our lives to Jesus 100% we are witness to seeing how God faithfully works with getting us prepared for the day we will see Him.

My hope is that the music will reach its spiritual destination to encourage, soothe, and lead many to Christ.  All lyrics, singing, instrumentation, recording, mixing, and mastering of songs on this site (unless noted) were personally done by me… with all of God’s inspiration.

Thank you so much for reading  ~ God Bless

                                         Your Brother In Christ

“ A person is no fool to give up what they cannot keep only to gain what they cannot lose”

                                         Jim Elliott

Strumming guitar with my Alaskan Malamute puppy, Xena

Sitting with my buddy Dan in the control room of the first incarnation of Little Pacific Studios