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I received a call from a woman that had come from out of state and she was used to having a company back home like ours.  She sounded very no-nonsense and thorough on the phone about what she expected.  I thought to myself, “Wow, from the way she sounds, I should be all business by the book with her.”  (Later I would come to find, she had just known a little about having a regular service and was kindly trying to express this.)  But in the meantime, I thought about her manner for days before I had my appointment with her.  

My wife and I don’t view our business as “all about the money”.  We try to view it as a means that God is providing us to pay our bills but also a great avenue to help others in many ways whether it’s providing extra services, special discounts, or free services.  God constantly shows us ways to love and help all customers as best as we can regardless of their financial situation.  Money is irrelevant in certain cases and we have been known to give out our fair share of free services or do extra things for handicapped or people going through difficult struggles in life.  

But as I was driving over to this customer’s house I thought, “I am going by the book.  She is serious on what she wants and I am going to be just like the other companies.  I am going to tell her how it is and I am charging full price for everything.  If she needs to fix anything it will be on her own to figure it out, no extra mile from me on this one!”  After I arrived to her house and began to do my service, I was showing her all the issues in her house that need to be addressed to resolve her problem.  I am laying it down hard about what “this” will cost and what “that” will cost for her to get things fixed on her own before I could really do my job thoroughly.  After 20 minutes of this we ended up in her front yard and she started to cry.  “My husband can’t fix all these things”, she said frantically, “and I don’t know how!“  And I just died inside.  I was so sad at myself that I could be that way to someone.   I hugged her and said, “You know what?  We got this!  I will be with you and your husband every step of the way as best as I can.”  

I was reminded about why all these years I was even self-employed at all…

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