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I remember when I first started my own business and how liberating it was for me.  It was hard work and it was scary and unknown but it was also exciting bringing on a sense of independence and achievement.  I never knew what the day would bring.  I could jump into big numbers just from a phone call.  

At the point in this story, I had been running my own small cleaning business in Arizona for about 2 years.  I had lost some accounts and was needing to pick up a serious amount of work on a regular basis to pay my monthly bills.  It was at a point where the business was going to have to close and I was very bummed.   I was not living a perfect Christian life at that time  but I still did very much believe that God was in control.  It was a Sunday evening and I sat in my apartment stewing and talking to God in my mind.  I told Him all of these various thoughts and more, “God, its over and now I am going to go looking for a job first thing in the morning.”  “I am so sad because I really enjoyed running my own business.”  “God, I need $1500 a month, where am I going to find this as fast as I need it?”  “God, I need that money now or at worst within a few weeks or what will I do???.”  “Father, it’s over.  In the morning, I am heading out looking for a regular job.”  For a self-motivated, independent, artist type like myself, working at a job for someone else is not easy and very limiting.  About a half hour later the phone rang.   It was a man I had handed a business card out to a year prior in some parking lot.  He went on to say he had 5 commercial buildings he wanted me to clean and to start immediately and he would pay $1500 a month!  Now think on that!  Even now after being self-employed over the last 25+ years and doing hundreds of thousands of dollars in business it remains the only call I have received for a large commercial account on a Sunday evening not to mention for the exact amount of money I was desperately in need of.   Also after years of reflection, I feel God did that because by encouraging me to stay in business for myself it has allowed my wife and I to help a lot of people throughout our walk.

To me that was a miracle…  

The Failing Company

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