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One day I was working and I had a customer whose home I would service and she referred me to her neighbor Earl.   Now, at that time I was not married and it was my habit as a bachelor after paying for my kids to spend every last dime I had on music gear then getting my older sister to front me bill money.  Ha!  Yes, I did have an audio addiction for many years.

So as usual, I was completely broke and needed that money for food or something.  I was at my customer’s house and said, “So Mrs. Dillion, Earl next door… he is going to want his service like normal right?”  She said, “Well, I will call him, as I know he will want it.  He recently had a  stroke, but still I am thinking he will want it done.”  At this point, all I am thinking is about is my own personal situation and the money I needed.  She came back into the room after calling Earl and told me yes and to go across the street to do Earl’s service.  I was thinking, “Cool!  Another $75!”  So, I went over and Earl answers the door holding a towel to his face.  Because of the stroke, he could not keep the saliva in his mouth so he had to keep a towel there.  I was horrified at myself when I saw him.  There was no way I was going to charge this man in the condition and suffering he was in and I was angry at myself because I needed that $75.  Because all I had thought about was myself I was going to make myself do the work for free.   So, I did.  And on every step of my work that day I wanted to fly by with a quickness, but I kept making myself take my time carefully and do my best.  Two hours later I loaded my truck and I would never see him again.

Fast forward time.  My teeth were really hurting and I owed my dentist $750 and I found myself in his office holding the side of my face not too differently from how Earl had been holding the side of his face.  I needed compassion in a major way.  I told my dentist, I know I owe you $750 and I know you said I need crowns.  My teeth hurt so bad and I don’t have any money to give.  He gently put his hand on my shoulder and said, “ that $750?  You don’t owe me anything.  It’s gone.  Do you have two hours?”   I said in excruciating pain, “Yes.”  He threw me in the chair and gave me two free crowns and wiped out $750 debt.   He had just gave to me about $4000 or more!  We would become very close friends and he knows he only needs to call for many services around his houses and I am there as fast as my Toyota can get me there.


To me this was a very big miracle.

The Man Holding His Face

widow in the cold

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