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In Arizona people like to hang out by the pool into the late hours.  It is not uncommon to be sitting around the pool at 10 pm at night in an apartment complex.  I was somewhere between 18 – 20 years old and very young in my Christian faith.  One late night, a friend and myself were sitting outside by the pool just hanging out and visiting.  Jerry made this comment, “If a man were to fall in the pool would you wait for him to say help?”  I said, “No, if I knew a person needed help I wouldn’t wait for them to ask, I would reach into the water and rip them out of there.”   Less than an hour later, a man entered the pool area with a few girls.   He walked around and was kind of not right.   We were young so one of us just point blank said to him, “Sir, do you believe in Jesus?”   He said, “Well, I used to donate my time to like the Valley Big Brother Association and such to help others but you know…” and he looked right at us and said, “F***  GOD!”  And that was it for him!   Away he went into the pool in a millisecond without anyone present touching him.  It was unbelievable, as it happened so fast but I do know this for a fact, he was pushed by some force!  There was no one around the man and he did not fall.  It was like he was being slammed into the water.  Without thinking, I jumped out of my chair and reached thru the water as his head was still under and ripped him out of the pool.  Jerry was sitting there amazed and later would say to me, “You did what you said you would do!”  And I was thinking, “Well, it doesn’t always work that way, friend.”  I was just as amazed as Jerry was.  The man was pushed into the pool by a spirit!   He didn’t fall in the pool he was thrown in right after he blasted out those words.  After thinking on this off and on for many years, I still don’t know what pushed him into the pool.  I feel it was either a demon or an angel, one or the other.  

I know this story sounds unbelievable but it really did happen and it was so surreal how it played out.

The Man In The Pool

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