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All songs are free to download and share.  May they touch your heart, provide comfort, and bring you closer to the Lord.  Unless otherwise noted all vocals and instrumentation was written, composed, performed, recorded, mixed, and mastered  by myself at Little Pacific Studios under God’s inspiration.

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1.  The Prodigal Son                        6:55

2.  Change                                       4:02

3.  The Journey                                5:13

4.  Shine Down                                5:20

5.  Two Worlds                               4:58

6.  Shades of Grey                          7:57

7.  Jesus Redeem Me (Acoustic)     5:15

8.  Peaceful Rain                             6:07

9.  Wash Over Me                          9:29

02 Change.mp3 03 The Journey.mp3 06 Shades Of Grey.mp3 05 Two Worlds.mp3 04 Shine Down.mp3 07 Jesus Redeem Me.mp3 08 Peaceful Rain.mp3 01 The Prodigal Son.mp3 09 Wash Over Me.mp3

Other Songs Ranging From 1989 - 2011

03 Holiday.mp3 05 Stand By You.mp3 02 Dynamic.mp3 01 Man Behind The Mask.mp3 Seems Like.mp3 03 Freedom Train.mp3 01 New Day (A Day To Forgive).mp3

New Day                           6:24

Holiday                              3:01

Stand By You                    4:22

Dynamic                             3:03

Man Behind The Mask       4:32        (vocals by my childhood friend, Jerry)

Seems Like                        4:12        (vocals by my childhood friend, Jerry)

Freedom Train                    4:01       (vocals by Pete Angel, Lyrics by my childhood friend, Greg) This                                                          was the first song ever professionally recorded - I was 23 years old)

Frequencies                        3:17    (this is a song by my son, Donovan.  Recorded at Little Pacific Studios,                                                      all instrumentation wrote, played, mixed and mastered by Donovan)

01 Frequencies.mp3

My Son’s Music

My Nephew-In-Law’s Music

Cancion Tres  (Cool tune written, played, recorded, mixed, and mastered by my nephew, Greg)

cancion tres.mp3

How to listen:

Wash Over Me  ~   CD released  in 2017:


Children Of The Light  ~   Upcoming CD

Work in progress - coming soon!

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