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I received a call one day from a loving daughter in another state worried about her mother.  Her mother had a serious problem and was pretty freaked out about it.  I showed up for the job and it was winter time, so it was pretty cold in Washington.  Her mother came out to show me what she knew.  She was elderly and very frail of health.  While she was trying to stand and speak with me she said she couldn’t move because she was so cold.   I felt so bad for her, hugged her, and helped her back into her home.   While I had been standing out in the cold with her, a soft voice like unto the voice of Jesus said these words.  “Take care of this woman, you take good care of her!”   So, I already knew before I helped her into her home that everything I was going to do was going to be for free for this family.   So, I did help that family for many months for free.


One day I realized I was going to need $500 and I had only 24 hours to get it.   It so happened I was at my sister’s house helping her with some work and  my customer called.  Now, I never receive cell service when I am at my sister’s house, so this was a very amazing thing in its own.  And the next thing was even more amazing,  my customer demanded she pay me.  It was one thing for out of hundreds of people that it was her calling to meet my need but that wasn’t it.  It was in that she felt she was being “told” what to pay.  And she was adamant about feeling the need to pay me and to pay me right then.  Her mother had other problems and I said I would stop by and did not want any money because I had already felt I knew what I was supposed to do.   Just to hear her adamantly saying, “ NO! I need to pay you and I need to pay you right now!!! “ And then there was the manner in which she decided on the amount to pay, “I will pay you a $100! No! No! No, I will pay you $200!   I need to pay now!”  And then the very next day I had a customer come to me and say that they would like to pre-pay for an entire year (which is very uncommon as the large majority only pay upon each service).  So, there was my $500, just like that.

The thing is, how did  my customer know and feel so pushed as she was finding that number like God was prompting her?  I would later find out their family is Christian, so I’m sure it was the Holy Spirit prompting that one beautiful family to meet my family’s needs on the day I had a need.   Out of all those 300 customers it was her.  What are the chances of that, on that day, in a place I NEVER get cell service?

To me that was a miracle

The Widow In The Cold

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